How to Hang Golf Clubs on the Wall? Golf enthusiasts understand the importance of keeping their prized clubs organized and easily accessible. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a casual golfer, finding an efficient storage solution for your clubs can significantly enhance your overall golfing experience. One popular method gaining traction among golfers is hanging golf clubs on the wall.

Not only does this method save valuable space, but it also adds a stylish touch to your home or garage. In this guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of hanging golf clubs on the wall, from selecting the right wall mount to maintenance tips for preserving your clubs.

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How to Hang Golf Clubs on the Wall?

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There are several ways to hang golf clubs on the wall, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some popular methods with steps on how to achieve them:

Wall Racks:

  1. Choose a rack: There are various rack designs available, from simple vertical ones to horizontal display models. Consider the number of clubs you want to display, the desired layout, and your budget.
  2. Mark the wall: Use a level to ensure the rack will be straight. Measure and mark the mounting holes according to the rack’s instructions.
  3. Drill pilot holes: Pre-drill holes to prevent the wall from cracking, especially if using drywall anchors.
  4. Mount the rack: Use appropriate screws and anchors based on your wall material (e.g., drywall, concrete). Follow the rack’s instructions for secure mounting.
  5. Arrange the clubs: Place the clubs in the rack’s designated slots or cradles. Some racks allow for specific club orders, while others offer more flexibility.

Using Shadow Box:

  1. Choose a shadow box: Select a box large enough to accommodate your desired club arrangement. Consider the box’s depth to ensure club heads don’t touch the glass.
  2. Prepare the backboard (optional): If you want a custom background, cut a foam board or fabric to fit the box’s back.
  3. Mount the backing (optional): Secure the backing to the box’s back panel using glue or tape.
  4. Position the clubs: Arrange the clubs within the box, potentially using foam blocks or padding for stability. You can create a creative display or follow a specific order.
  5. Mount the shadow box: Attach the box securely to the wall using appropriate hardware based on your wall material.

 Open-Frame Display or Wall Hooks:

  1. Choose the display/hooks: Open-frame displays offer a similar concept to shadow boxes without the front glass. Select sturdy wall hooks that can hold the club weight comfortably.
  2. Mark the wall: For both options, mark the mounting points on the wall, ensuring level placement and spacing between hooks/display bars.
  3. Drill pilot holes: Pre-drill as needed based on your wall material and chosen hardware.
  4. Mount the display/hooks: Secure the chosen system to the wall using appropriate screws and anchors.
  5. Hang the clubs: Carefully hang each club on the designated hooks or slots in the display.

Additional methods:

  • Using Staff Bag: Hang the bag itself on a sturdy wall hook or create a custom mount for a more polished look.
  • Using X-Hanger: This specialized hanger cradles the club’s grip, offering a unique display option. Follow the hanger’s instructions for mounting and club placement.
  • Fan-Pattern Display: Screw hooks into the wall in a fan-like pattern and hang the clubs individually for a visually striking display.


  • Consider the weight of your clubs and choose mounting methods that can support them securely.
  • Use protective padding or spacers to prevent damage to the clubs and your wall.
  • Think about the aesthetics and choose a method that complements your space and style.
  • If you’re unsure about drilling into walls, opt for adhesive mounting solutions suitable for lighter club weights.

Remember, these are just general steps, and specific instructions may vary depending on your chosen method and materials. Customize the approach to fit your unique needs and preferences.

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Why Hang Golf Clubs on the Wall?

The decision to hang your golf clubs on the wall offers several advantages. Firstly, it maximizes space utilization, especially in tight or cluttered areas like garages or storage rooms. By vertically mounting your clubs, you free up valuable floor space for other equipment or activities. Additionally, hanging your clubs adds a decorative element to your space, turning your golf collection into a visual focal point.

Choosing the Right Wall Mount

When it comes to selecting the perfect wall mount for your golf clubs, there are several factors to consider to ensure both functionality and aesthetics. Here’s a detailed look at what to keep in mind:

1. Weight Capacity

One of the primary considerations when choosing a wall mount is its weight capacity. Golf clubs can vary significantly in weight, especially when considering the different types of clubs, such as drivers, irons, and putters. Make sure the wall mount you choose can comfortably support the combined weight of your clubs without the risk of bending or breaking.

2. Material and Durability:

Look for wall mounts made from high-quality materials, such as durable metals like steel or aluminum. These materials offer strength and longevity, ensuring that your wall mount can withstand the weight of your clubs over time without sagging or warping.

3. Compatibility

Consider the size and shape of your golf clubs to ensure compatibility with the chosen wall mount. Some mounts feature adjustable hooks or slots to accommodate various club sizes, while others may be designed specifically for certain types of clubs. Ensure that the mount you choose can securely hold each of your clubs without risk of slipping or falling.

4. Installation Method

Different wall mounts may require different installation methods, such as screwing directly into the wall studs or using adhesive strips for a more temporary solution. Consider the ease of installation and whether you have the necessary tools and expertise to complete the installation yourself. Additionally, ensure that the chosen installation method is suitable for the type of wall surface in your home or garage.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

While functionality is crucial, don’t overlook the aesthetic appeal of the wall mount. Choose a design that complements the overall style of your space and enhances the visual impact of your golf club display. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist look or a more ornate design, there are plenty of options available to suit your taste.

6. Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a final decision, take the time to read reviews and recommendations from other golfers who have experience with the wall mount you’re considering. This can provide valuable insights into the mount’s performance, durability, and ease of installation, helping you make an informed choice.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the right wall mount for your golf clubs that not only provides secure storage but also enhances the overall look and feel of your space. Whether you opt for a simple wall hook or a more elaborate rack system, investing in a high-quality wall mount will ensure that your clubs are safely stored and easily accessible whenever you’re ready to hit the links.

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Start by selecting a suitable wall space for mounting your clubs. Ideally, choose a location that is easily accessible and away from direct sunlight or moisture. Once you’ve identified the spot, gather the necessary tools for installation, including a drill, screws, and a level.

Installation Steps

Installing a wall mount for your golf clubs is a straightforward process that can be completed with just a few tools and a little bit of time. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the installation steps to help you get started:

1. Preparation:

Before you begin the installation process, gather all the necessary tools and materials. You’ll typically need a power drill, screws or bolts (depending on the type of mount), a level, a pencil, and a measuring tape. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably and that the area is clean and free of obstructions.

2. Marking the Wall:

Using a pencil and a measuring tape, carefully mark the desired placement of the wall mount brackets on the wall. Use a level to ensure that the markings are straight and evenly spaced. Consider the height at which you want to hang your clubs and make adjustments accordingly.

3. Drill Pilot Holes:

Once you’ve marked the wall, use a power drill to create pilot holes at each of the marked locations. Pilot holes help guide the screws or bolts into the wall and prevent the wood or drywall from splitting during installation. Make sure the pilot holes are the appropriate size for the screws or bolts you’ll be using.

4. Mounting the Brackets:

Next, align the brackets with the pilot holes and secure them to the wall using screws or bolts. Use a level to ensure that the brackets are straight and evenly spaced. Depending on the design of the wall mount, you may need to attach additional support brackets or anchors for added stability.

5. Hanging the Clubs:

Once the brackets are securely in place, it’s time to hang your golf clubs. Carefully position each club on the hooks or slots provided by the wall mount, ensuring that they are evenly spaced and securely supported. Take care not to overload the mount with too many clubs, as this can affect its stability.

6. Adjustments and Final Touches:

Once all the clubs are hung, take a step back and assess the overall appearance of the display. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the clubs are aligned properly and that the spacing between them is consistent. Use a level to double-check that the entire setup is straight and level.

7. Test for Stability:

Finally, give the wall mount a gentle shake to test its stability. Make sure that it feels secure and that there are no signs of wobbling or movement. If necessary, tighten any screws or bolts that may have come loose during the installation process.

By following these simple installation steps, you can quickly and easily hang your golf clubs on the wall, creating a space-saving and visually appealing storage solution for your prized equipment. With proper care and maintenance, your wall-mounted display will keep your clubs organized and ready for your next round of golf.

Tips for Proper Alignment

To achieve a clean and organized look, pay attention to the alignment of your golf clubs. Ensure that there is uniform spacing between each club to avoid overcrowding. Additionally, adjust the height of the hooks or brackets to accommodate the varying lengths of your clubs, ensuring a visually pleasing display.

Maintenance and Care

To preserve the condition of your golf clubs and wall mounts, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance. Clean your clubs regularly to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. Additionally, inspect the wall mount periodically to ensure that it remains securely attached to the wall.

Alternative Hanging Methods

While wall mounting is a popular choice, there are alternative methods for hanging golf clubs. Specialized golf club racks offer a freestanding solution that can be placed anywhere in your home or garage. For those seeking a DIY approach, consider repurposing household items such as PVC pipes or wooden shelves to create custom storage solutions for your clubs.


Hanging golf clubs on the wall is a practical and stylish storage solution for golf enthusiasts of all levels. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a space-saving display that showcases your clubs while keeping them organized and easily accessible. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted system or explore alternative hanging methods, proper maintenance, and care will ensure that your clubs remain in top condition for years to come.


1. Can I hang all types of golf clubs on the wall? Yes, wall mounts are designed to accommodate various types and sizes of golf clubs, including drivers, irons, and putters.

2. Will hanging my golf clubs on the wall damage them? When installed correctly, wall mounts provide secure support for your clubs without causing any damage.

3. How do I clean my golf clubs once they’re hung on the wall? You can clean your clubs using a mild detergent and water solution, along with a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt and debris.

4. Can I install a wall mount for my golf clubs myself? Yes, most wall mounts come with installation instructions and the necessary hardware for DIY installation.

5. Are there any specific maintenance tasks I should perform regularly? It’s a good idea to periodically inspect the wall mount for stability and clean your clubs to prevent buildup that can affect their performance.